Here you can read what some of my clients have to say about their very own experience in purchasing a puppy from me.

I truly believe they are the best judge in regards to their thoughts about me as a breeder & my beautiful pups.

I am flattered by their sincere & kind words and am also very proud they came to LITTLE YORKIE KISS to add a new lil addition to their family.

*********UNDER CONSTRUCTION ************



DATE: Dec 23, 2010

Hi Deana,


Xuxa’s first Christmas with us is almost here so I thought I would send a few pictures and give you an update on our little girl.  She is doing very well.  Until the cold/snow came we went out for a walk every evening (she’s always on the lookout for bunnies), loves her car rides (as long as she is along she doesn’t care where she is going), and is extremely spoiled...she’s my little shadow and definitely #1 in the house!  We’ve already taken three trips to Calgary/Okotoks which she also likes because she has me with her 100% of the time.  She’s also a very smart little girl.  I don’t know how she knows but about an hour before I get home after work she starts getting restless (walking around and going back and forth to the garage door). 


My sister visited for a month this summer with her two Cocker Spaniels and the three of them got along very well.  One of the pictures is the three of them just after their play session.  As you can see from some of the pictures she likes her soft comfort.


My cousin is Xuxa’s Veterinarian.  Her staff encouraged me to enter their Halloween costume contest which is sponsored by Hills Pet Food.  One of the pictures is Xuxa in her costume (which I promised she would never have to wear again) and another picture is her prize (my little sweetie came in first place).


I’m looking forward to spending our first Xmas with Xuxa (most of the time I call her “Sweetie”).  I’ve got her little stocking full to the brim...adding to her numerous harnesses, little winter jackets, toys...the list goes on!


Thank you Deana for trusting us to bring home this special little girl! 

Hope you have a Merry Christmas with your family and little fur kids!


Kathy & Xuxa

OWNERS NAME: Trista E. & Jake
LOCATED: Calgary, Alberta
DATE: July 31, 2008

Hi Deana,
I just wanted to thank you so much for such an amazing puppy! She has the best personality i've ever seen and gets along so great with everyone she meets. I really appreciate all the support you've given to me so far and I know you'll continue to be there. Your always available when I have a question or need some advice! I feel so grateful to have found such a wonderful breeder who cares so much about her pups. I would recommend you to anyone looking to buy a yorkie. Cami brings so much joy to my house and I wouldn't trade her in for the world! She's a happy and healthy little girl and I can't thank you enough! I will be keeping you posted on how she's doing.

Thanks again,

Trista & Jake

DATE: APRIL 2, 2008

Hello Deana,
My puppy's name is Akio. I discover Deana's love for Yorkshire Terriers from a
search engine online tailored for Edmonton and surrounding area breeders. She
was very nice and friendly to begin with as she presented her background and
desire for the breed. If I had a question during any part of the process of
adopting a puppy, she answered it in a very timely prompt manner. Akio has
blended in with my friends and family very well from day 1. There was never a
moment where Akio was not the centre of attention. Akio is very hyper and
always very excited when he sees people. Always want to be a part of playtime,
cuddle time, of course...even dinner time! When Akio was to spend his first
night with me, he was given to me in a well and relaxed state from Deana.

I never had a problem with Akio or dealing with Deana. Her love for the breed and
professionalism towards her clients really demonstrates her motivation and
passion to be an caring and active breeder. I would definitely recommend for
those that wishes to now, one day, or sometime in the future to visit her and
just to spend alittle time with her dogs. Truly a welcoming and exciting

The one thing I really appreciate Deana doing is to socialize her
dogs and puppies with her family and close individuals. Akio has grown to love
people very much and I cannot ask for more than a puppy that is filled with
chracteristics of love and excitement. Thank you so much Deana.

DATE: APRIL 14, 2008

My family adopted our little girl Nikki, April 12, 2008, from Deana. Right from the start of our search for credible breeders in Canada, Little Yorkie Kiss was at the top of the list by far!! After researching Deana's dogs and how she takes care of her fur babies it was decided that we would adopt from her. We were very lucky that she had a beautiful female ready to come to our home right away. After Deana asked alot of questions (she needed to be sure that we were the right family for her puppy) and a few weeks waiting (we were on holidays) we finally drove half way and met each other. Sweet Nikki was just as Deana described and portrayed in her photos she sent to us. My daughter and I took Nikki with us and so the story of Nikki with our family began.

Our family would definitely recommend Deana and her dogs for future puppies.

Hi D,
Long time no email....just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that Nikki is doing well and settling in with our family...we LOVE her so much!!!
I brought her in to my vet last week for her last booster and we discussed spaying...the vet thought that she was big enough to go ahead with the operation so yesterday she went in for her surgery...everything went very well and she bounced back very quickly....trying to keep her quiet today and tomorrow and then she should be totally back to her little self....
I have her spayed certificate with me at work if you accept a fax copy...otherwise you can email your mailing address and I will send it to you that way...
Keep in touch
Tanya & Family

DATE: APRIL 15, 2008
I purchased my little yorkie "Miles" from Deana via her breeder friend in Brazil, we live in Las Vegas, Nevada and "Miles" was flown to us from Brazil.  We picked him up at the airport and he was doing great from that long flight.  When we got him home he acted like he lived at our home forever.  He was so well trained already, he went in and out of our doggy door right away, layed on our laps like he new us for a long time and he has a great personality, he is fun, sweet and loving.
Deana was very helpful with every aspect of the transaction and I would definitely purchase another puppy from her again.

Attached is a new photo taken of Miles today for your testimonial.  He is so cute, funny and a great dog. We love him.

DATE: APRIL 14, 2008
Anyone who has met Deana knows that Deana loves dogs!  She is first and foremost a dog lover and she shows it in everything she does.  We are especially lucky to have "Lucy" in our lives she is a precious member of our family, and has become a loving dog sister for her dog brother "Doby" who is a Bichon Shitzu.  From day one "Lucy" fit into our family and has given us so much pleasure - we can't thank Deana enough. If you want to own one of these special dogs I would highly recommend Deana as a breeder, she is professional and caring!
Hope this is okay, I also added two pictures.
Take care,

DATE: APRIL 8, 2008
Dear Deana,

My family and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for our two Yorkies, Stella and Scout. They have been such a wonderful addition to our little family. Your professionalism and wisdom on "Yorkies" has really helped our family settle in with our two beautiful dogs. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone who is looking to buy a Yorkie pup should really consider "LITTLE YORKIE KISS"!!!

The Moreau Famliy

DATE: NOV 2007

I found Deana's advertisement on the net in November 2007, and have bought a puppy from her. VERY VERY GOOD SERVICE!! I couldn't ask for more. Great Stud n' Dam. The puppy is in very good health condition, very dark coat, reasonable price. I'm fully satisfied. Thank you so much Deana.


Hi Deana
I would like to tell anyone  that is thinking about purchasing a yorkie from Deana that i personely  would go right ahead. I have bought 2 yorkies over a year ago, and my two puppies are fantastic.  Deana answered all questions and followed up to see how I and the puppies were doing long after the sale. 
Deana really cares, about her yorkies and her buyers and it shows.
Thanks Deana.

DATE: MARCH 25, 2008

Hello Deana,

I just want to thank you for all of your help in buying a perfect puppy.

You answered all of my questions and raised an adorable, smart and beautiful little teddy bear.

Jessika did not need any time to adjust to my family. Her and my cat became the best friends right away.

In 3 weeks she already learned some tricks, such as seat, up and roll, but this is just a beginning.

You did an amazing job and I would recommend you to everyone who is looking for a cute little Yorkie.


Hi Again Deana!!!

Just want to let you know that we are doing great.

Jessika is the cutest puppy ever. Everybody loves her. She loves to sleep a lot.

That’s what she does all day at the shop. Then when we get home she runs after my cat, Masya, all evening. She learns everything from him and loves all the cat toys.

At night she sleeps with me on my pillow. She learned how to get down the stairs not very long time ago.

I taught her some tricks: seat and up, but we are going to learn lots of different ones.

I attached some pictures for you, so enjoy.

Have a good day, Thanks again!

DATE: APRIl 2, 2008

I purchased "Brutis" through Deana from one of her co-breeders in USA. Deana was friendly and professional throughout the whole process. She answered all my million questions and still
Brutis is a sweety. He has a great temperment and personality.He is a very happy puppy! He was in a well state when I picked him up from the airport. He was not hypoglosymic and looked great.
I would recommend Deanna's service to everyone!!! Her support is ongoing. She always answers any questions I have and never makes me feel like I am bothering her. She is very supportive.  Her dogs are also Beautiful!!! My goal is to breed dogs that are as beautiful as hers.

DATE: APRIl 1, 2008

I looked at many yorkie pups before buying one from Deana, for my mother. The only one that i was most attached to was a tiny puppy who's name is now "Pepsi" and she is a huge part of the family including our other yorkie, "Baylee".  I got in touch with Deana as soon as possible and she handled the whole puppy buying process very professionally, answering my mother's and my questions. It was very easy to put the schedule of the pup together.  She is adapting very well where she is now and is soooooooooo hyper.  Her record of wrecking a squeaking toy is about 30 seconds and she is only about 4 pounds, but she is so adorable and is such a sweetheart with a huge personality!


Thank you for Deana for allowing us to adopted our lil angel!


Dear Deana

Just figured out how to do this.  Maggie is the toast of the town.  Well loved by everyone. She has a wonderful personality and is completely house trained. I hear you're having puppies of your own soon.   All the best.

Many thanks for our little sweetheart .

Have a great christmas and happy new year!


Hello Deana,

I just thought I would send you a little update on Mr. Bently.

He is almost on year old now and and he is the most sweetest little cuddle
baby I have ever had. He sleeps on my pillow above my head. And if we
don't put him in the bed he stamps his front paws ground and growls. He
even sleeps on my lap when I am on the computer. Paris and him are so in
love unless there is food around then Paris is still the boss.

Mr. Bently loves everyone but the cats (I think it is in his nature to heard them

Thank you again for this by no means little gift to our family.


Hi Deana, 
Just thought I would send you some recent pictures of Pepper.
As you can see, she has taken over the territory and is quite happy!
Thank you so much for allowing us to own such a sweet little angel.
She is everything we have wanted and more. Our family couldn't be happier!
Regards Gina & Family

We purchased our little yorkie Pepper (Carinha) from Deana almost a year and a half ago. 
Deana was very welcoming and let us spend time with the puppy when we first met her.  All our questions were answered thoroughly and she also took interest in the kind of family we were.  As a prospective buyer I also wanted to know where the puppy came from and was pleased to see how well cared for they were.  Pepper had no problem adjusting to her new home and she was in very good health.  I also appreciated the fact (and still do on occasion)  that I could call Deana with any concerns or questions.  I have no problem recommending her to others and would buy from her again.
Very pleased, very satisfied, and very happy.

Hi Deana,
I Hope you're doing well.  I cannot thank you enough for bringing Martin into mine and Jane's life.  We wake up every moring to his perfect little smile and that helps us through anything.  My friend's mother actually recently adopted a yorkie from you and named her Penny.  I'm told that was Martin's sister.  Funny!
Anyway, my new neighbor saw my wife and me walking Martin today and asked us where we got him.  We advised her that we got him from you.  It turns out that she and her family just moved from Mexico where they were forced to leave their little yorkie behind.  She and her children miss the companionship of their yorkie so much and would love to adopt one from you.  Can you please give her husband a call?  His name is Mauricio and his phone number is xxx-xxxx.  Thanks so much.
I have attached a picture of Martin playing in his bed.  We had a replica of our bed made so that Martin could sleep in his own bed beside us...
Thanks again,


Hey Deana!

I just want to give you an update on little Mia.  She is doing very well.  She is very much part of our family now.  Mark loves her to death.   The dogs and her are becoming very close.  Our dog Amy washes her eyes at least twice a day.  Mia is very sassy but that is what makes her so fun.  

I hope you are well and hope to hear from you soon.  Please let me know if you have received the pictures.


Hi Deana!
Sorry it has taken me so long to write.  We've been really busy with Abi and doing renovations around the house.  My father-in-law was here for 2 weeks and he was helping us to get a lot done, so it's been a busy time.
I also wanted to be able to send you some pictures of Abi (Abigail = Father's Pride) and it took me awhile to figure out how to downsize my pics so that I could send them in email.
Anyway, you can see that she is spoiled rotten (she sleeps curled up in my arm at night) and we absolutely adore her.  No words can describe how much we adore her...all thanks to you.
It only took Pico 1 day to get used to her, and now they are inseparable.  They sleep together, eat together, play together and fight together (and boy, can she hold her own).  You sure were right when you said that she is feisty.  She is so independent and isn't afraid of anything.  This is wonderful because Pico wanted someone who could play hard, and she really gives him a run for his money.  He loves her so much that he actually cleans her eyes every day.  He holds her down and licks and licks until she's clean.  She's tried to do the same to him and he lets her for awhile, but then he gets tired of it and walks away.

I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago, but she has really grown since then.  Just looking at her in my office right now, I can tell how long her legs have gotten and also her body.  No, she's not big by any stretch of the imagination, but I can see her growing.  Her one ear stood straight just days after we brought her home.  We thought the second one never would, but it's standing straight today with just a little curve in it.
Anyway, enjoy the pictures.  I'll send more as she grows!
Thanks once again for the perfect addition to our family.  I can't imagine not having her now. I would certainly recommend you to anyone looking to buy a Yorkshire Terrier puppy.
P.S. She has her appointment to be spayed on March 16.  They are doing it by laser which means no cutting and virtually minimal recovery time.  I'm really happy with the vet that we have.  They are so professional and caring and think of everything.  I feel completely safe trusting them with her.


Hi Deana, just a little note to let you know that Miss Zoe is doing
wonderful! She is a little cuddle bug and has a place in each and everyones
heart in our home. Zoe is very smart and doing great with the potty training
I really think she is the brightest puppy I have ever had. Thanks so much I'm
so glad we came across eachother.

Yours truly, Ann


Hi Deana,

Here is something from us .

We got little Cuzco through Deana last year, he is the most adorable puppy! Always  full of love and playful like a little kid!! he has not only brought his cute little nature to our home but also tons of enjoyment and life from the very first day. He teaches us everyday that, with lots of love and a little bit of patience, the most complicated things can be the most simple if you look at them in a different way =)

Thank you so much for all your help and for giving us Cuzco! We love him to peices!!!


Hi Deana,

Everything is wonderful with Winston!!  He eats, sleeps, poops, pees and plays! LOL  Today he didn’t have any potty accidents AT ALL!!  He is doing very good in the potty department.  He has only peed outside on the grass twice and seems to prefer his pee pads/newspapers; which is just fine with us. 

He does sleep a lot though and I was wondering if this was normal at 12 weeks of age?  He plays for about ½ hour, he’ll eat, than he may or may not go to the bathroom and than he sleeps for a good hour to two hours.  I don’t remember if Akio slept this much and I just wanted to make sure it’s normal.  He seems very healthy, he’s eating lots and drinking lots of water, as I mentioned before, he’s peeing & pooping normal. Just needing a little reassurance. 

Jenkin and I would like to add “as a testimonial” that ~ we are soo happy we went with Little Yorkie Kiss for our little boy.  He is great addition to our family and we think of him as a son.  Deana cared for Winston (Pirulito) in a very loving way prior to us taking him home and we greatly appreciate her care and love for her yorkies! ~

Thanks Deana, I look forward to hearing from you. 

Ps – I’ve attached a very cute b/w picture of him for you!!




Tom Pouce is doing great. Happy, cuddly, friendly and well behave little puppy, he really is the perfect teacup.

His tail was wagging when I pick him up at the airport and haven’t stopped wagging since! He is so easy going.

He is getting along with everyone including my 3 others yorkies.

Being a breeder myself, it took me a long, long time to found this perfect little stud.  

I was worry about buying a dog online, but you did everything to reassure me through multiple phone calls and e-mails.

I could tell right from the beginning that you really care about your dogs and try your best to found them a good family.

Thanks again for everything. Your dogs are truly outstanding!

All the best and keep in touch.



The puppy I purchased from Deana was Lilie she is such a bundle of joy!  I had a bad experience before finding Deana, and I could not have asked for a better breeder then Deana.  Whenever I had questions or concerns for Deana I just e-mailed her and within a few hours the questions were answered beyond my expectations.  Being so far away from my little puppy was really hard because I didn’t know exactly what I was receiving.  However Deana gave me weekly update pictures and even videos for me to feel like I was right there with her.  Lilie has adapted very well to her new home and also to my other animals (dog and cat).  I would absolutely recommend Deana to anyone, this has been such a good experience and my little one is everything that I wanted. J

Hi Deana!
Please find enclosed a copy of the receipt for Vida for her spaying. She is all healed and so full of pep! We love her so much and she has really bonded with us, always full of kisses and hugs. My nickname for her is "Baby" which she likes.
I don't know what we would do without her. Thank you so much again!
Laurel M.




Hi Deana

Here are the pictures of Susan and Jasmin with our old shiz-tsu Tyson. Susan is so happy to have her with us and she is getting used to the house training and had made herself at home. A few questions for you, did you have any special treats for her? Any type of shampoo you recommend, if you have any tips for us to make sure she does not get tossed into a transition that would upset her would be appreciated!


Again she has been a real joy and she is getting a lot of attention and she is lapping it all up. Thank you so much for a wonderful buying experience and for shipping us a beautiful, healthy and happy pup!

Regards, Gary B.

Hey Deana!!!
I am so in love with our pup! Her new name is Teddi ... cus she looks like a lil teddi bear!!!
Trista and cami were here at 7:30 this morning lol had a nice 3 hour playdate!!!
she is perfect .... now just to train her lol!

Thank you so much for the little bundle of joy!
Oh she will be SO loved! no doubt about that! my mom just loves her too! we just got back from pet planet! grandma went and spoiled her some more!!
we are havin so much fun with her! she just loves garrett!
SOOO cute i love her so much
I am SOOO in love !! I love my lil Teddi! She is the cuddliest little one! Its my first day back at work and I am so sad! haha She went to grandma's this morning for a play day with Coco! My mom said she is running around chasing after her dog lol! She is SOOO awesome!!!




Hi Deana.

We are so happy with Sophie.   She has become the center of our world (along with our other two wonderful dogs).   She is not afraid of them at all and keeps us entertained for hours.   We cannot believe how well she is trained for potty.   We have only had one pee mess and that was the first day she came home and didn’t know where the pee pad was.  This is so incredible and you are a wonderful breeder with wonderful parent dogs to train a puppy so well.   Thank you for the reminder about the laser surgery.  I am already checking into that for her so she will be booked for this at six months of age.

I will send more pictures when i get a chance. If we decided in the future to get another puppy when our older dog is no longer with us, it will definitely be from you. We are so happy!

Again, thank you so much.  Happy New Year and may 2011 be a healthy and prosperous year for you and your family.



DATE: Jan 17, 2011
Hello Deana!

Its been a week and I wanted to send you a quick email and let you know how wonderful Menina is doing! First I want to thank you so very much again for Menina, she is hands down the most well behaved little dog I have ever seen! 
My mom fell in love with her right away, and Menina slept in bed with mom that very first night and every night since, she goes everywhere mom goes in the building, does all her "jobbies"outside and she is adored by everyone!  All the staff and residents in the building love Menina and she is very happy and comfortable with all the attention focused on her in her new surroundings.
I haven't had a chance to take any pictures yet but I will soon and send you copies!
Thank you again, Deana! Menina really brought back the joy to my moms life, I haven't seen her so happy in years!
Talk to you soon, Kinga.

OWNERS NAME: Jodi & Cam B.
LOCATED: Calgary, AB
DATE: Nov 3, 2011
Wanted to update you on T.... she is doing so well!!  

She is eating lots, drinking lots, and getting more love than any dog in the world.  She does great in her crate (I am maintaining the habit of having her sleep there and she is in there when we are out).  During the day when I am home, she sleeps in her crate on her own. 

We walk her every day and she loves it.  She has caught right on to figuring out where to go if she needs to go to bathroom.  She is such a sweetie.  Brynn is in heaven and I think those two cuddled and belly scratched for 3 hours last evening. 

We cannot thank you enough for her....  we will take exceptional care of her and keep you updated.

LOCATED: Edmonton, AB
DATE: June 2012

Hi on the way home we decided to name him Oscar because of his
cute bushy eyebrows...and he was very good in the crate on the way home...he
wimpered at first but he stopped after a few minutes.

He spent the day playing in the grass in the backyard and explored his new
surroundings...he's such a content little guy. He's been eating and
drinking and he has pooped (there was form to it but it was "wet" for a lack
of better words) and he has been peeing....Matt is combing him on the couch
right now...

The vet visit went great...clean bill of health..the vet was impressed with
Oscar and your paperwork...the vet wanted to wait to do the booster until
next week so we go back on Tuesday.

And like you had said, she told us not to take him anywhere outside of our
backyard until he has his booster and rabies...and yes, the vet will not
give the booster and rabies at the same time - she says they do 1 week

Hopefully the night time will go pretty smoothly...

I'll keep you posted!

DOG'S NAME: "Oliver"
LOCATED: Calgary, AB
DATE: Oct 2012

Hi Deana,

Just a little update!  I took Ollie to my Vet this morning...I'm trying to get a job there as it is very close to our home, and I could take my babes to work with me!  Dr. Stan says he is a perfect, healthy Yorky and a fine looking one at that!  Which we already knew!  Both of his testicles have already dropped, and he humps Bella every chance he gets!  He already is trying to lift his leg to pee too!  Anyways he is doing really well, and is most definately a Mama's dog!  I love him!


Hi Deana

Grant and I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for our new baby Oliver!  We couldn’t have hoped for a better or cuter pup!

Also, we were very impressed with your level of professionalism, and how obvious it is that you love what you do. 

I want to thank you too for sending updated photos regularly of our little guy, so we could see the progress he was making and how darned cute he is!

If we ever want another puppy you will be the one we will call, you can bet on that!

I promise I will continue to send you photos of Oliver as he grows into adulthood, and I would love to stay in touch with you.

With love from “The McGowan Family”...Rikki, Grant, Bella and Oliver J

DOG'S NAME: "Willow Star"
LOCATED: Edmonton, AB
DATE: Oct 2012

Hi Deana!

Here are some pictures! I just want to say thank you for being such an amazing breeder of this wonderful breed. She is such an amazing puppy. She has adjusted so well and she and Bentley are in love. She is going to be the dominant of the two. She is a confident and calm puppy. I can tell you put a lot of time and love into your dogs.

DOG'S NAME: "Roxy"
LOCATED: Calgary, AB
DATE: Dec 2012

Hi Deana

Hope your trip went well I assume this was your first flight with your little girl I know that can be a bit nerve raking. Just wanted to let you know that Roxy is doing really well eating and drinking lots. She is really good at going pee and poop outside as long as we take her out lots. She is such a low key girl around here. She really likes our other two dogs and I've never seen a tail that goes so fast. We are definitely in love with her! You should be proud, I'm proud to own her thank you for entrusting me with her.

I know your still away but I thought you might be checking your email. Roxy is doing awesome we love her so much. She is full of spit and vinegar lol and is doing very well with potty training and being in her kennel, although she sometimes gets to sleep on the bed lol. Here is a picture of her. I ended up taping her one ear for a week and now it stands up perfectly  

Thanks again we just adore her so much… actually it's the first puppy we've had that my husband steals from me lol!

OWNERS NAME: Karima & Brett
LOCATED: Calgary, AB
DATE: June 2013
Hi Deana,

Rio is doing really well, he has adjusted amazingly and is very loving and
cuddly. He already thinks he owns this place - he is very comfortable. He
does like food, so we are making sure he has tons everywhere around the

Bella is being really good big sister, they are playing together - we are
really proud of her as she suprised us on how accepting she is of Rio - they
are becoming best buddies.

Brett and I would like to thank you for Rio, we can tell he was so loved and
is so well adjusted and is very confident. He makes us laugh a lot. We
love his little barks and if sure lets us know what he wants.

I will send you some pictures as soon as i get him to be steady for few
seconds and he is so dark, so its just a black fluff on the pictures.

thank you again, we are very grateful for Rio.

Best regards,
Brett, Karima, Bella and Rio

DOG'S NAME: "Zoey"
LOCATED: Calgary, AB
DATE: Sept 2013
Hi Deana,

Thanks for emailing me. I wanted to let you know that our vet was very impressed by how organized you were with your paperwork. She said allot of breeders don't do what you have. She also said Zoey was the cutest Yorkie she's seen.

Thanks again for the amazing puppy and being such great support for us.

We love her so much and she is such a spunky lil thing.

You breed excellent yorkies.

Will give her a kiss for you


LOCATED: Rocky Mountain House, AB
DATE: Oct 2013
The first night went very well - it wasn't as bad as i anticipated, hoping tonight goes just as smooth. He loves to follow us all around. Of course he gets TONS of attention and he loves every second of it ;)
He slept in his crate last night, I got up every 3hrs to let him out for a pee.
The whole family loves him. He's the perfect addition to our family. He fits right in!
My youngest son, Brock, thinks it's hilarious getting kisses. He sits and laughs as Dex is giving him kisses.
Liam just loves him. Dex curled up on his lap, on the floor, for a good hour this morning as Liam was petting him & telling him that he loved him so much. Lol.
Thank you agian, Deana. He has stole our hearts. <3
I'll post pictures soon!
Dex the "Spiderman"!

DOG'S NAME: "Levi"
LOCATED: Calgary, Alberta
DATE: Dec 21, 2013


Words cannot express how grateful we are for such a sweet, cute, amazing puppy.  Levi is so perfect.  I cannot believe how calm and smart he is already.  You are an amazing breeder.  I knew the pups were cute, but had no idea how cute they actually were.  Not to mention Pele and Sarinha, they are adorable and tiny and so affectionate.  We loved coming to your home to pick up Levi.   You are very professional and have everything in order.  You made this process so easy and wonderful.  We are truly blessed to have met you and bought our new family member from you!!!  I will keep you posted with pics and updates.  So far he is such a button, he hasn’t left our side, either he is with me or one of the boys.  We are all so in love.


DOG'S NAME: "Roxy"
LOCATED: Saint Albert, Alberta
DATE: Oct 29, 2014

We bought a yorkie pup through Deana's business Little Yorkie Kiss in July 2014.   Deana passion and knowledge for the yorkie breed was evident in our visit with her at her house when we picked up our new puppy.  We kept in touch with Deana through social media with pictures. Deana is always available if I ever have questions or concerns. If ever we decide to get another pup I would definitly buy from her again

DOG'S NAME: "Lily"
OWNERS NAME: Charlotte
LOCATED: Edmonton, Alberta
DATE: Nov 11, 2014

Hi Deana,

Lily is doing very well and loves to play and curl up on either my husband’s or my lap and give us unlimited kisses. She is such a lovable little lady. She is very well behaved and loves to meet new people and other dogs as she attends Daycare to have her socializing time with her other 4 legged little friends. We have taken her camping and hiking with us and she has enjoyed both of these activities as well. Lily is always eager to try any new adventure that comes her way. Thank you for being available for all my questions and for inviting me into your home to see if I would have an allergic reaction to any of the puppies. The temperament of your Yorkies was exactly what I was looking for in a pet, and Lily has been a perfect fit for our family.

Please see attached photos to enjoy.


Charlotte H.

DOG'S NAME: "Mali"
LOCATED: Leduc, Alberta
DATE: Nov 20, 2014

I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing lil puppy. She is such a lil love bug. Loves to play with my kids and is totally fitting into our family perfectly! I don't think I could have picked a better breeder to buy from. From the moment I chatted with you on phone just inquiring about your puppies to our first visit at your home with your amazing family, I knew it was a perfect fit. I love that your very knowledgeable and were able to answer any of my question and concerns with absolute certainty and the fact that your beautiful dogs and puppies are so well cared for made my experience purchasing a puppy a very exciting one! I know that you love each and everyone of your puppies so much and it shows with how much pride you take in them and that they are not forgotten once they have went to their new homes. It means so much to us that your always checking in to see how our lil Mali is doing, offering support every step of the way. Your a wonderful breeder, Mother and now a very special friend to our family! I would absolutely recommend anyone looking to purchase a Yorkie puppy MUST check you out. They will be sold even before their first visit :)  I look forward to watching my lil girl growing up and future visits with you and the family. Thank you so much Deana for everything. You have helped make our family complete!!!!

P.S... I'm totally hooked now and am already thinking about getting a lil boy for Mali to play with lol ;)

DOG'S NAME: "Milo"
OWNERS NAME: Shermeen C.
LOCATED: Calgary, Alberta
DATE: Mar 2 & Nov 24, 2014

Hi Deana!

So Milo's Vet is super impressed with him!! Kudos to you!! Said he is a well bred puppy, demeanor and behavior excellent! He checked him over including his teeth. The vet waits till the adult K9 teeth come in to neuter him. He said he can give you a letter if you require ( based on the contract i signed with you). I will be going back upon request of the vet close to six months for him to check Milos teeth and book the neuter appt if K9s have come in!

Any concerns or questions please let me know!




Hi Deana!

I am not sure how to start this off lol my first time doing one of these! My apologies for getting this to you so late.

I consider myself very fortunate to have come across Deana and "Little Yorkie Kiss". The best and most cutest with a big personality to boot came out of this meeting. I love my minchkin Milo and cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you have done to make him into a wonderful socialized yorkie! When we first connected you were so kind to keep Milo for me for a extra month until i could pick him up and i am really thankful. He was so well behaved and socialized! Not to mention perfectly crate trained ;) 

When i first brought Milo home and we had our first visit with our Vet Dr. Mark.. The first words that came out of his mouth when he saw Milo.. I love this! He has such a great personality and is well bred.  I know of a breeder here in YYC that swears by this vet so i was so thrilled when these words came out of his mouth!

He such a little turkey and stops traffic everywhere we go.. Even passerby's have to stop and say he is well behaved and super cute.. Which i have to agree with.

I will be looking for a little companion for him in a few years .. As Dr. Mark said to me.. Once you get one you get a second.... I guess i caught the Yorkie bug .. I will definitely be coming back to you for another pup. Thank you again for all your help in keeping my worries at bay by answering my questions and for keeping in touch!

I attached his bow tie pic cause he is such a poser so handsome ! 


DOG'S NAME: "Vincenzo"
OWNERS Sarah & Harley
LOCATED: Calgary, Alberta
DATE: Nov 27, 2014

Hi Deana!!

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how our sweet Vincenzo is doing!!!  Since we brought him home he as been nothing but an absolute joy!  He is so sweet and cuddly but definitely has a spark in him and loves to play.  Despite his persistence, his older sister Gracie is still not thrilled about having to share play time with him, however, he is very respectful of her space.

I want to thank you for being such an amazing breeder.  From the first email I sent to you, you have been nothing but kind, helpful, and supportive.  Your frequent updates, pictures, and videos of how our fur baby was doing made us feel like we were right there, even though we are hours away.

You are so passionate about Yorkies and it really shows, not only in the quality of dogs you breed but in your dealings with your families and the patience and knowledge you provide.  

Thank you for blessing our family with Vincenzo!!!

Sarah, Harley, Gracie, and Vincenzo (Vinny)

DOG'S NAME: "Ava" & "Maya"
LOCATED: Calgary, Alberta
DATE: Dec 2, 2014
I picked out my pup in 2013 from Deana's website...a girl we named Ava .
Ava is a tan and black Yorkie ...incredibly smart and fun. My boys would love to show off all the tricks I taught her.
Ava is also very particular ...will not let strangers hold her ...ever ...has not grown out of that. She is our faithful little girl.
In 2014 I was fortunate to get Ava's sister Maya...Maya is the definition of sweetness.
Ava and Maya are inseparable and do everything together at the same time. I would say having two is better than one.
They are both beautiful and smart and lovable and sweet dogs...they make our lives happier...Thanks Deana. 

DOG'S NAME: "Rocky"
OWNERS NAME: Heather & Graham
DATE: Dec 22, 2014

We had been wanting to get a puppy for awhile now, but our son has allergies & we needed a hypoallergenic dog. After doing a lot of research we decided on a Yorkie. I immediately starting looking online & found Little Yorkie Kiss & sent Deana a msg, she called me straight away & after talking to her I knew we had found our breeder! 

Deana was great! She answered any questions I had & made sure that we had all the information we would need. She updated us with pics every week & let us know how our lil Rocky was doing!

We brought Rocky home & he instantly settled in & got comfortable in his new home. I love that Deana keeps her pups till 10-12 weeks & they are very socialized! Rocky immediately bonded with me "him's Mom" & we all just love him. He really is perfect!

I HIGHLY recommend getting a Yorkie from Little Yorkie Kiss! We are already discussing getting another lil guy this summer so Rocky has a playmate so thank you Deana & family our family is now complete!

Another note...

Hey you are very welcome! We just love the lil guy, he is such a good boy & so sweet! We will absolutely stay in touch & I have had so many compliments on how gorgeous he is! I will forsure continue to post tons of pics as I just can't get enough of his cute lil face. The vet visit went great all the reception ladies thought he was just a little doll & the vet said he was in perfect health. I made an appt for January 7th for his 2nd booster & I already told them he won't have his rabies shot the same day as his 3rd booster as it's hard on the little guys & I forgot to ask if they did laser surgery for the neutering but I will ask at his appt. We just can't thank you enough he is just precious & such a good boy! Wishing you all very Merry Christmas & I will be sure to take pics of him in his Christmas t-shirt.


First Photo Heather (his new mommy) saw of "Rocky" and he had her wrapped around his lil paws!

DOG'S NAME: "Pixie Dust"
OWNERS NAME: Patrice & Garry
LOCATED: Kelowna, BC
DATE: Jan 20, 2015
Pixie Dust arrived in our home November 21st 2014 and into our hearts so quickly.  Pixie is just past four months now and has passed her first three vet visits with flying colours.  Pixie is a calm puppy and the flight from Edmonton to Kelowna did not upset her at all.  Pixie just stretched out of her kennel and walked into our arms.  Pixie can be very mischievous and bright when playing with our nine year old multi-poo Harlie.  Deana has been helpful with our toilet training questions and is a professional breeder.  The vet was pleased with the quality and personality of Pixie.  If our strata permitted a third dog, I would not hesitate to purchase another Yorkie from Deana.  We our delighted with Pixie Dust.

DOG'S NAME: "Gemma"
OWNERS NAME: Patricia & Lee
LOCATED: Edmonton, AB
DATE: Feb 16, 2015
My boyfriend Lee surprised me with little Gemma , Deanna was such an amazing help making sure to keep things on the down low so I wouldn't find out about the surprise dog , I remember the day so clearly lee asked me if I would go with him to pick up some tools he wanted to buy off someone on Kijiji and I said sure I'll come ! I was waiting in the truck and he insisted that I come in and Deanna answers the door and say oh hey you guys are here for the tools right !? So we sit down on her couch for her to get these "tools" and right around the corner Deanne is holding my little Gemma with a tiny bow on her head in her hands and say here's your tools ! I was completely shocked I had no ideas at all that I was getting a dog I had mentioned it to lee almost everyday how much I love yorkies but he always would change the topic when I brought up dogs ! I thought it was so sweet that Deanna went along with the surprise with my boyfriend lee . It was the best day ever I remember never wanting to leave that day I met Gemma she was so little and cute and I was so exited I just wanted to take her home that day ! Deanna is an amazing breeder the time while we waited for her arrival at home she would send us cute pictures of Gemma and make me even more exited to get her, finally we got our little Gemma and the night lee picked her she had Gemma all bathed and beautiful lee surprises me again cause our original plan was to go get her together after I got off work but he got off work early and picked her up so he could surprise me right after work , I hop in the truck and there is Gemma little head sticking out of lees jacket and my heart just melted she is the cutest thing I ever laid eyes on ! Thank you so much Deanna for our amazing puppy Gemma we love her unconditionally I've never met such a genuinely loving dog she is so good with other dogs and kids and she just loves any one who she comes into contact with ! I've never met a dog who actually enjoys cuddling most dogs will sleep bye the feet not Gemma she has to be right cuddled up in our arms or right on my pillow bye my head I'm sure you know bye now by the millions of pictures I post on social media that WE LOVE ARE LITTLE YORKIE GEMMA ! We will never be able to thank you enough for everything your an amazing breeder and your dogs are so loveable . 

DOG'S NAME: "Willy"
LOCATED: Consort, AB
DATE: March 18, 2015

I adopted a Yorkie from Little Kiss this past February.  We named him Willy and he is a wonderful addition to our family.
From the moment I contacted Deana of Little Kiss I knew I had not only met someone who loved dogs as much as I do, but had made a new friend.
The whole adoption process was great.  Willy was too little to come home right away, so Deana kindly sent me lots of pictures.  She also sent me tons of great information that really helped me get our home ready for our little one.
Since Willy has come home, we have kept in touch -- I am so thankful our precious boy had such a good start in life.
I highly recommend Little Kiss to anyone who is looking for a perfect little "person" to come into their home and heart.  Thank you Deana!

DOG'S NAME: "Rolex"
LOCATED: Edmonton, AB
DATE: Sept 22, 2015
My name is Sammy Lau. I was looking for a yorkie for a while so went on Kijiji and found this website ( Emailed Deana couple times and she was very helpful but my first impression was the price was a little pricey then the other yorkies that I have found. But I still went for it because I want a healthy and dark coat yorkie. I also wanted a breeder that I could trust and I am also a guy that I believe in what you pay for is what you get! Picked up my little male puppy ROLEX on Sept 10, 2015 and I was very happy. He is exactly what Deana told me what he would be. She was very helpful, anytime I need help she is there for me. I would love to get another puppy from her next year. Once again thanks Deana!

DOGS NAME: "Burrows"

OWNER'S NAME: Beth & Duncan

LOCATED: Calgary, AB

DATE: Sept 30, 2015


We are so happy that we found Deana at Little Yorkie Kiss. Our fur baby, Burrows spent the first 12 weeks of his life in her care. When we brought him home he was already familiar with his name as she'd been calling him by ut since he was just a few weeks old. This helped to make training a breeze. Burrows was exposed to puppies, dogs, and children before coming home with us which was such a blessing- he adores both and has the patience of a saint when around them. Evidence of the love he has for Deana was found when I was playing a video on her Facebook page which made him come RUNNING to the phone to hear Deana's voice.


Thank you Deana for loving all the puppies so much! They truly are your passion and it shows through in the quality of their health and their temperaments. We appreciated all the time and advice you gave us and has an amazing experience. Burrows has quickly become the center of our lives.


Feel free to use any of his photos from Facebook or Instagram! :) He is the cutest and most loving little guy in the world. I absolutely ADORE him. 

DOG'S NAME: "Olive"
DATE: Oct 3, 2015

Hi Deana,

Hope you're doing well! I wanted to send a quick note to let you know that little Olive is doing amazing. She had her first vet appt and passed with flying colours, had her second booster, and I gave her her first bath tonight since she came home to us.

She's doing really well with house training, she's been going outside for all of her pees and poos the last few days except for when I'm at work she goes on the pads in her exercise pen. She sleeps in her crate at night without barking and we brush her teeth every other night so she's starting to get used to it.

I've written a short testimonial, please let me know anything else that I can add:

"I researched many breeders when looking for our family's new Yorkie, both to find the dark black colouring I wanted and also to find a breeder that I was comfortable with. Deana's puppies are gorgeous, and ours is both beautiful and in perfect health. Deana has also been wonderful to work with. She has been extremely informative and helpful, and I've really appreciated how available she is to text/call with any of our questions these first weeks that our newest family member has been home.
Thanks again for our beautiful new pup, and also for such a great experience bringing her home!"


DOG'S NAME: "Sophie"
OWNER'S NAME: Lynda & Alex

LOCATION: Edmonton, AB

DATE: Oct 11, 2015

Hello Deana
A huge THANK YOU for our puyppy SOPHIE!!!
My fiance and I could not be happier. She has made us into a little family and we love her so much. Sophie is all about playing and cuddling. She is my little one that follows me everywhere :)
She is so smart and friendly to every person and dog she meets, even if they are 3 times her size! WE could not have asked for a more lovable dog.
She greets me everyday with endless kisses, her sweetness always makes me smile. I cannot thank you enough for introducing us to your Yorkies. I will recommend "Little Yorkie Kiss" to everyone I know.
I appreciate all of your advice and help along the way.

DOG'S NAME: "Alexandria Lacie"



DATE: Sept 17, 2016

Hi Deana
We absolutely love her! 
She is the best thing that happened to our family. 
It is going quite well. She sometimes does it on the pad and sometimes has accidents. But that is to be expected. She has quite a personality. She is very smart bringing back little balls already. 

All our friends wants to know why she is so loving and sweet. So we told them she had the best breeder family!
Thank you for breeding Lacie. She is super special!

OWNERS NAME: Michelle B.
LOCATED: Edmonton, AB
DATE: Sept 9, 2016

Just wanted to thank Deana for our beautiful yorkie puppy Leyla. Deana is a very caring breeder and wants the best homes for her puppies. We got our puppy Layla in September 2016. I first meet Deana and her family in August. She was very caring and let me pick the puppy that would be a great fit for our family. Leyla is a perfect puppy for us- we love her dearly! The vet says she is a strong and healthy puppy with strong bones, beautiful markings and a very healthy coat. Thank you Deana for this gift of our Leyla. She is loved dearly and I would recommend Deana to any of my friends looking for a yorkie. I would purchase another puppy from her in a heartbeat. Deana keeps in touch with us and responds to any of my questions I have the same day. Bless you and your family Deana.

Hi again Deana. Just wanted to let you know Leyla is doing well. Her big brother keeps kissing her lol.
Thanks for everything again. She is fitting into the family so well, everyone wants sleep overs with her and puppy sitting time.
She is a strong minded and her big brother almost always lets her get her way!


LOCATED: Edmonton, AB
DATE: Nov 9, 2016

Hi Deana,

I would like to say I was so blessed the day I came across your website.  I was looking to buy a Yorkie when I came across your website, which was so impressive I decided to give you a call.  When you told me seven pups were born just prior to my call I was so excited.  In August I came to your place to pick out my little girl, and was extremely nervous and excited.  You were so relaxed, you made me feel like I had known you for a long time.  It did not take long for one to see how important these pups were to you, and the care they received.  Your knowledge, support and genuine love made the process so darn easy, I felt like I was buying a pup from my best friend.

I picked up my little girl on September 9th and believe me it was the best day ever.  My little Kacie is now 4 months old, and makes me laugh every day.  She is healthy, smart and a real joy to have.  I cannot imagine life without her.  She  fills my life with sunshine.  Thank you Deana for all your expert advise and being an exceptional breeder.....

OWNERS NAME: Kristelle
LOCATED: Edmonton, AB
DATE: Nov 27, 2016

There is so much not I could say...I love him so much!

PS he is booked to be fixed Dec 23...not sure he would like that as a Christmas present ��. 

I purchased my baby boy, Thor through Deana for my twins birthday. When I started thinking about getting a fur baby Little Yorkie Kiss was one of the first source I found. I came across the picture of Thor and my heart drew me to him. Then to realize that he was born on my eldest birthday, July 1 seem like a sign that he was meant to be a part of our family. The purchase process was very straight forward and Deana was very helpful in calming my nerves of the fast process in my decision to get my little man, as he would be my first puppy.
Thor is definitely the baby boy of our family, my three girls love him and even my husband who was against getting a dog; heart has melted for him. He is a ball of energy but especially cuddles. Thor is a total mommy's baby and I can't picture my life without him.

Thank you Deanna for allowing our family to be blessed with the addition of our fur baby, Thor.

LOCATED: Calgary, AB
DATE: July 2017

Hello Deana,

Ava is so well balanced.  The first time she arrived at my house she made herself at home.  She fit right in with my other 3 furbabies.  

She has a beautiful black, wavy, silky coat.  The gold markings on her is beautiful as well.

The vet said she has a strong heart and is healthy.

Her personality is so huge for a small puppy.  I have had her for over a month now and Ava walks around the house with her tail straight up, very confident.

She loves to cuddle with me and run around the house with her toys or playing with my other dogs.  She has so much love to give.

She is so smart.  She almost self trained herself to use the pee pads.  

I love holding her and smelling that puppy smell which is sweet:))

She is so curious and I have to keep a constant eye on her but I don’t mind. 

Deana you have beautiful puppies.

I feel very lucky to have found your website.

I will keep in touch and send you pictures of her as she grows.

Thank you Deana,

Tracey C.

DOG'S NAME: Gracie Love
DATE: July 2017

To whom it may concern:
My husband and I purchased a female Yorkshire Terrier from Deana of Little Yorkie Kiss in January 2017.  Our whole experience was very smooth and pleasant.  We visited Deana's lovely home to see our new puppy a couple of weeks after her birth, and found all her dogs to be well cared for and loved.  We met both parents, calm and secure dogs.  Deana's children handled the dogs, supervised by Deana, and we observed that they did so with great care and tenderness, and by the time our puppy came home at ten weeks, she handled visits from children in my extended family easily and without fuss.  Our puppy is not a barker, and is a quiet and loving little girl.  She has been quite easy to toilet train compared to our previous two dogs, and we credit Deana's regular use of doggy pee pads with getting her started down that road practically from birth, which we merely continued.  At six months, our little girl is quite reliable now.  We are very pleased with our little family member, and also with the well-organized system Deana has in place, which includes paperwork and an hour spent teaching us when we picked up our pup.  I am very happy to have met Deana some years ago at an Edmonton Kennel Club dog show (after which I kept her business card), and w DOG'S NAME: Gracie Love
DATE: July 2017

To whom it may concern:
My husband and I purchased a female Yorkshire Terrier from Deana of Little Yorkie Kiss in January 2017.  Our whole experience was very smooth and pleasant.  We visited Deana's lovely home to see our new puppy a couple of weeks after her birth, and found all her dogs to be well cared for and loved.  We met both parents, calm and secure dogs.  Deana's children handled the dogs, supervised by Deana, and we observed that they did so with great care and tenderness, and by the time our puppy came home at ten weeks, she handled visits from children in my extended family easily and without fuss.  Our puppy is not a barker, and is a quiet and loving little girl.  She has been quite easy to toilet train compared to our previous two d e now have our dear little girl as a result of that chance meeting.   
Anna from Leduc AB

DOG'S NAME: Julian
LOCATION: Fort McMurray, AB
DATE: July 2017

Hi Deana,

This letter is written as reference for Little Yorkie Kiss. Our experience began in May, 2017 with a decision to finally get dog after a 25 year wait. To say we were nervous about the change to our life is an understatement. I knew, based on the extensive travel we do for work that we needed to be incredibly particular about the pup that we chose and more importantly the breeder. I wasn’t really fussy whether we got a chorkie, morkie, yorkie, etc. What I knew for sure was that we wanted a small dog that came from a really good home. Serendipitously, I came across a post that Deana had put on facebook about declining an individual that wanted one of her pups because this individual was not going to be a fit. Her clients that commented about the level of respect they had for her and the satisfaction they had with their puppies was incredible. I knew that this was my first stop in deciding what puppy we would get. I reached out to Deana, made an appointment to go to her home and meet the dogs. It was a great experience and I chose “Julian” that day. Julian is a chocolate yorkie and at the time he was 8 weeks old. Deana was clear at that meeting that he was not ready to go and she wasn’t sure when he would be ready. She was definitely not letting him go until she was confident it was time. She had three small children and quite a few puppies to tend to but her level of commitment to her dogs and her clients was incredibly endearing. I was so impressed and grateful that I had found her! Julian came home 3 weeks later and has been a dream ever since. He was fine potty training outside right away, slept through the night on his second night and is a gentle, playful pup

I wanted you to know how much I appreciate all you do to breed these incredible puppies.  Julian sleeps all night beside our bed without so much as a whimper.  He puts himself to bed around 9:30 and snorts a little around 6am.  I take him outside, he pees and poops and comes to bed for a few more hours.   His potty training is incredible.  He’s not a barker either.  He plays and sleeps and eats.  We travel a lot and he is fantastic.  Hops on the plane, tucks himself into the armrest and goes right to sleep.  I was so nervous about having a puppy after all of these years but it is 1000 times better than I even thought.  He’s an absolute dream!  Hard to believe he’s only 4 months old.  You did an amazing job…thank you so much!!


I would definitely recommend Little Yorkie Kiss to any and all looking for a great family dog.


Best regards,